Button “make nice”, which cameras mobile photographers with a smile and distrust predicted for a long time, this year got to the iPhone. Of course, Apple still continues to follow conservative traditions, once founded by Steve jobs, could not so in a forehead to roll out such innovation. So she carefully hid it, just in case, even removed the switch that allows to enable and disable the new regime as necessary.

As reported by the portal user Reddit with nick advillious, he noticed that the selfie taken with the iPhone frontally XS Max, quite similar to those that were taken on the iPhone camera X. His version has resonated with a few users that remain are unhappy with the appearance of unreported effect, and a leading YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, who has personally compared the quality of selfies on both generations.

Smoothing photos

Anti-aliasing, which is shown only on the images from the camera of the new device, visible even to the naked eye. It applies not only to photograph, but also for clothing and any other objects that were in the frame, slightly blurring them and making them more attractive. As it turned out, anti-aliasing, which significantly reduces the naturalness of the image, does not depend on the operation of the Smart mode HDR, which appeared in the iPhone XS and XS Max, and does not work on the main camera.

iPhone X

iPhone XS

Why do we need smoothing

Probably, the appearance of smoothing was caused by the demand of appropriate add-ons users from China. The vast majority of smartphones shipped in China, offer the opportunity to smooth out the bumps of the persons photographed, making them look like a puppet, and the images more suitable for publication in social networks and a large number of likes and reposts.


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