A new absurd claim.

Users iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone found in their smartphones a new bug. The flagship Apple happens used drop frame rate if on the smartphone screen for 10-15 seconds, nothing happens, and after the application is launched. Despite the fact that many users even on a video showing “bug”, I can not see what is the problem, Apple acknowledged its existence.

New “bug” iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and exactly can be recorded in the list of the most absurd. Most users that do not face any problem, they can’t understand what it is even when watching a video.

This is not surprising, since the “bug” appears for fraction of second and then, provided that this iPhone has not been any action for 10-15 seconds. However, skipping one frame in the animation users called “problem”.

Moreover, some of the most meticulous owners of iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max addressed the problem to Apple. Employees of the company, apparently, discouraged by the request to fix such a minor point, and in some cases simply replaced their smartphone for a new one.

Fortunately, appropriate users were much more. The vast majority of iPhone owners and iPhone XS XS Max said that they had never encountered such, but even if I skip a single frame was shown, they would not consider it a problem.


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