Coverage of the start of sales of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and the Apple Watch Series 4 in Russia.

28 September in Russia started official sales of the iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and Apple Watch Series 4. How large turned out the hype concerning Apple news among Russians? Was there a stampede for the new iPhone? We visited the “hot” point of sales of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and the Apple Watch Series 4 and saw firsthand the interest of the Russian fans of Apple to new devices. It was funny and sad at the same time.

Some people joined the queue for two days. But not to buy iPhone

The queue for a new Apple device began to take shape on September 26, two days before the start of sales. In front of the store re:Store on Tverskaya street in Moscow has gathered a lot of young people who had the firm intention to be first in the queue. They organized among themselves and allocated according to the list.

Store employees didn’t pay attention to the next 5 nights on September 28. Only then they came out and began issuing special coupons in the queue. For these coupons, the first buyers and had to go to the store after it opened at 9 o’clock.

It is important to note that the weather in Moscow in day of start of sales of the new iPhone was not the most pleasant. The rain thinned a bit the original place — only the strongest remained.

However, this resistance was not caused by the fanaticism and the desire to buy the coveted new iPhone before anyone else. The first people in the queue are expected to sell their place to the real fans. Prices on place in the queue was impressive — from 100 to 400 thousand rubles.

The idea of selling places in the queue failed

If the new iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max arrived in Russia in extremely limited quantities and for 30 thousand rubles, the idea of enthusiasts probably would have chances of success. But with the availability of smartphones in all stores and their huge prices, no wonder the waiting list were left without buyers.

Not one place in the queue was not purchased. When sales have already been started, would-be sellers trying to sell their tickets for a mere trifle, but there was no demand.

As a result, when the store opened, and staff called the first purchasers, no one responded. Just 8 (!) first in line was empty. Stake out a place people, mostly students, of course, had not planned to buy iPhone neither XS nor XS iPhone Max.

By the time near the store gathered quite a crowd. From the could actually seem around the new iPhone and Apple Watch some serious buzz. But in fact, most of the crowd were media representatives, the sellers of the places in the queue and bystanders. Real buyers too, but about them later.

“The first shopper” iPhone XS in Russia laughed

Only reaching ninth on the list, the buyer responded to the store employees. The man walked into the store under the attention of dozens of cameras while smiling widely and then laughing openly.

The reason for this good mood was not that he would buy iPhone XS is the first in Russia. The man was not going to buy anything! He walked around the store, plenty of laugh, and then admitted that he planned to sell his place in line. Then he tore a ticket, which provided him a priority place in the queue.

The real buyers were — 20 pieces

After that funny incident, sales have gone the normal way. Willing to buy iPhone XS iPhone XS Max or the Apple Watch Series 4 calmly went under “the gun” dozen cameras still buy their devices and went, showered with interview requests. Yes, many channels do interviewed buyers, however, it is unclear why.

According to our calculations, at the start of sales of new products Apple was only about 20 customers. The rest of a huge crowd — just a bunch of media representatives and onlookers.

“Without the coupons don’t let go”

Also for the first 30 minutes after the start of sales, there was another incident, quite funny. The girl wanted to buy an iPhone XS with 512 GB of memory, but she refused.

The reason of failure straight out of Soviet times — “no pass”. As it turned out, every customer had to have a pass issued by the store employees. These are the coupons took with him as a souvenir of the first eight people who were unable to sell their place in the queue though for some money.

The bewildered shopper is noticeably upset, and then she began to interview. She willingly handed them, which, of course, noticed store employees. Deciding to resolve the situation peacefully, they allowed the girl to buy an iPhone XS with 512 GB of memory cost 118 990 rubles, without a ticket and queue.

The sadness of the day

When the crowd at the store began to diminish, we noticed several young guys with signs “will Sell iPhone XS”. One of them, the Declaration was even written right on the jacket. The guys were out in the rain with very frustrated individuals.

That they joined the queue for the new Apple smartphones before the others to sell their place at a higher price. Unfortunately for them, passing by hurrying a millionaire who would need to buy an iPhone XS as quickly as possible, was not.

There is no rush, but it did not expect

12 September, when the presentation of the new iPhone XS iPhone XS Max was announced the prices of the smartphones, it became clear — no hype in relation to new products in Russia will not.

When the Apple on the same day, has updated its Russian online store, it became obvious that the demand for smartphones will be minimal. Apple reacted to the fall of the ruble and increased prices for the new iPhone to Russia — smartphones have become by 9 thousand rubles more than a year ago.

In this regard, a giant queue for iPhone XS iPhone XS Max no one expected. And they were not. The start of sales of new products was the most quiet.

However, a month later, when Russia released iPhone XR in various bright colours and with a reduced price, we can expect much more interest. The storming of the shops would be that’s for sure, but the start of sales should be more brisk.


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