Recently the Verge published its ranking of the most disastrous projects of the past decade. Got a lot of devices and services from Google and other big companies, including Apple. In a rating there was a place a gold Apple Watch, AirPower and the keyboard with the butterfly mechanism. Latest and all went into the top ten most failed projects.

Recall that Apple introduced the keyboard, “butterfly” in 2015. Initially it was assumed that it will be quieter and thinner than its predecessors. However, quite quickly it became clear that under the influence of dust, the keys often stick, and after a time altogether cease to work.

Cupertinos have recognized that there are serious problems, and for several years worked on the mechanism equipping the new devices with the updated keyboards. However, it helped slightly. Users continued to complain about sticky keys.

The situation changed only in the second half of this year, when Apple introduced the MacBook Pro with 16-inch screen. It kupertinovtsy back to scissor keyboard. According to many journalists and users, this feature is the main feature of the updated “Proshka”.


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