Scandal! But Apple and other IT giants deny everything.

Military intelligence integrated China secretly spy chips in the motherboard of the American servers. Ministry of China through threats and bribes forced the chip maker Supermicro to install the microchips for the surveillance of the motherboard for Apple devices, Amazon and other U.S. companies. This was reported by Bloomberg with reference to 17 different trusted sources.

Microchips aimed at surveillance of a device American companies were established so that the intelligence service of China could have access to management. Chips were equipped server which was supplied by 30 major U.S. companies. Among these companies, IT giants Apple and Amazon.

After the publication of the Bloomberg stock Supermicro instantly collapsed by 60% and continue to fall. Despite the fact that Supermicro, and allegedly affected companies deny there are any spyware chips in their servers.

For the first time about the spy microchips became known in 2015, but then their appearance in motherboards was not associated with China. When such a chip was discovered by Apple, the company has drastically reduced the number of orders from Supermicro, but all the way from cooperation are not refused. Now in Apple and Amazon claim that numerous tests did not reveal the presence of bugs. Apple representatives said that they found earlier foreign microchip was the only one.

Source: Bloomberg.


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