6.1-inch iPhone 9, or iPhone XC, as it was named in accordance with the latest leaks, can actually get two physical SIM card. This is indicated by the banner published the largest Chinese operator China Telecom, which depicts a near future smartphone with dual SIM.

“The new iPhone is here. Twice SIM card twice the communication, twice as many 4G”, — reads the slogan on the banner, which, however, does not contain clear directions on a smartphone.

Whether to believe the leak?

Probably not. That banner is just someone not very skilled try to make some noise, it indicates its low quality. Generally, the method of lowering the resolution of images is used in order to conceal made when drawing flaws and shift the focus with key details of the news.

However, there is a theory that Apple was forced to equip the iPhone 9 for China, two physical slots for SIM-cards due to legislative ban on the use of eSIM in the country. While there are no guarantees that a similar modification, even if it exists, will get to Russia, where the eSIM is also prohibited by law.

When you introduce a new iPhone

According to the content of the invitation, Apple will unveil a new iPhone at the presentation on September 12. The event will be held in the Theatre of Steve jobs and, judging by the abundance of leaks will be dedicated to not only smartphones, but also branded smart watch, the updated line of MacBook Pro iPad and possibly the Mac Mini.


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