Just yesterday Apple without any noise has announced a brand new model in his own line of professional laptops — Apple MacBook Pro 16″. Despite the huge number of technological innovations, something new from kupertinovtsy inferior even branded smartphone company, not to mention the competitors from the world of laptops.

The iPhone, announced in September 2019, among other things, have the Wi-Fi enabled 6 — the latest standard of wireless data transmission. And guess who American giant was deprived of the support of this technology? Right, fresh 16-inch MacBook Pro. Most surprisingly, throughout the rest of the company Packed the product very here and the last type of memory standard GDDR6 here and the updated mechanism keyboard, and much more. But in terms of Wi-Fi module company has done something strange, not installing to the laptop, which cost in Russia begins from 200 thousand rubles, support the latest standard of this type of wireless connection.

Let’s hope that in the near future, the company realizes their mistake and with the next update of the model series MacBook Pro 16″ will support Wi-Fi 6.

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