Data Russians are not stored anywhere. Yet.

From 1 July 2018 in Russia came into force the “law of Spring”, binding social networks, instant messengers and other organizers of information distribution on the Internet (ARI) to store data Russians, including calls, correspondence, and photographs for six months. However, at the moment there is no content of Russian users is not saved under the new law. The Internet company has not received documents that would describe exactly how and in what form to store your data and transmit them to law enforcement.

Roskomnadzor has not developed regulations with clear and understandable instructions to store data Russians. Because of this “law of Spring” doesn’t work — Internet companies just don’t know how they need to perform an order. The lack of established norms was confirmed by the Director of strategic projects of the research Institute Internet Irina Levova. In her words, “like gold needs to store data, really do not understand”.

The interlocutor of RBC stated that clarifying the documents in the “law of Spring” is still not developed. In this regard, no one started storing any information of Russian users. It is expected that the Ministry of digital development will finish work on the documents by the end of summer.

“Spring law” requires Internet companies to not only store data of Russians, but also to transfer them to law enforcement upon request. This item is new requirements are also not enforced due to the lack of necessary regulations.

It is noteworthy that according to Roskomnadzor, no additional regulations are required. The representatives of the Ministry said in response to a request to RBC. In Roskomnadzor also said that while inspections upon execution of the “law of Spring” was conducted.

Earlier it was reported that “the law of Spring” did not work and due to the lack of special equipment.

Source: RBC.


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