In early August, analysts at Citi Research offered the information that in 2020 the iPhone will be support for proprietary stylus from Apple — Apple Pencil. But as it turned out, it is likely that support for new devices to communicate with your iPhone will appear in the lineup already this year. Talking about this leak published by the authoritative insider.

So, according to that renderam, the new iPhone 2019 will acquire a distinctive feature, which was inherent only to the iPad Pro. However, the image posted is not quite Apple Pencil, but maybe it is connected only with the fact that Apple is planning to release a new generation of stylus pens. Although there are chances that iPhone the company will release a separate line of gadgets for drawing.

In any case, the fact on the face — too many leaks recently talking about the emergence of a stylus support in the upcoming iPhone. The only question is how soon this all will appear. In 2019 or 2020 — will soon find out. Recall that the presentation where you announce a new generation of smartphones from Apple, will take place on 20 September this year.

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