The new Motorola RAZR is the flagship.

Lenovo which owns Motorola, is going to revive the legendary Motorola RAZR in the form of ultra-modern foldable smartphone, according to reliable sources The Wall Street Journal. New Motorola RAZR will be released in February 2019, but the price will scare away many potential buyers. Lenovo will ask for the Motorola RAZR sample 2019 an impressive $1500.

About the new Motorola RAZR is known the minimum information. According to sources, we are talking about a flagship smartphone in a completely new form factor. Motorola RAZR 2019 will have a foldable casing and a flexible display. Initially, the smartphone will be launched only in the US, a party of 200 000 pieces.

Experts call this the first batch of such an expensive smartphone is very optimistic. On the other hand, original and truly legendary phone RAZR V3 had sales of more than 130 million units.

Will Motorola RAZR V3 to other countries will depend on the success of the smartphone in the United States.

Source: WSJ.


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