American TV channels told about the fire of iPhone 6. The drama of the situation adds that the smartphone caught fire right in the arms of his little mistress — 11-year-old Kayla Ramos (Kayla Ramos) from California.

According to the wearer, she was sitting in her sister’s room and kept the mobile in his hands, when he saw flying sparks. Kyle threw the device on the blanket in which the smartphone has burned a few holes, then she threw him at the other end of the room. The girl during the incident were not injured.

The girl’s mother, Maria Adata (Adata Maria), the next day he called the Apple support, where she was instructed to take a photo and send your smartphone to the retailer.

Also Apple representatives promised to investigate the incident and provide a new smartphone as a replacement. Earlier the cause of the fire Apple smartphones is usually declared the unofficial charger.

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