But will have to wait.

AirPower pad for wireless charging of three devices at the same time still come. Verified sources, the publication Digitimes reported that the release of AirPower “imminent”, but expect the device must be at the end of 2019. If the information is confirmed, then since the announcement of AirPower to the exit will be two years.

Sources from Apple’s supply chain claim that the manufacturing partners of the company continue to prepare for the launch of AirPower. Company Lite-On Semiconductor began shipping to Apple a bridge rectifier GPP that is used for AirPower. Insiders drew attention to the relatively small quantities of supplies, but, according to leaks from the production, supply will increase significantly at the end of 2019.

In Digitimes said that the launch of AirPower “inevitable.” According to insiders, expect the device “later in 2019,” but, most likely, the release of new items will be held at the end of the year. It is not excluded that Apple will start sales of AirPower after the presentation of the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max.

AirPower is really the problem device for Apple. The company presented AirPower in September 2017, originally promised to start selling the device just a few months. But discovered at the last moment to a technical malfunction, and also in connection with problems with the certification device, AirPower had to be postponed. By the middle of 2018 for the mention about AirPower completely disappeared from Apple’s website.

Source: Digitimes.


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