Latest Apple laptops somewhat lost in weight and thickness, but they are much worse to give in to repair, but also lost some strength. It is the latter feature has led to new problems. More precisely, users noted that all MacBook Pro, starting in 2016, will have similar problems with a train screen.

In 2016, Apple slightly changed the appearance of their “proshek”, which in turn led to a revision of the internal layout of elements. Affected these changes and the mechanism of disclosure screen, which due to design features of the new MacBook Pro, every time you open and close the top cover started to push the plume.

It turned out that the constant use MacBook Pro of similar loads is enough to damage the Flex cable of the display. According to users, due to a damaged cable on the laptop screen may be lighted, and in more serious cases, to shut down the backlight when the lid is opened MacBook at a certain angle.

Users report that the problems with the train begin to appear in about a year and a half after buying the laptop. Thus separately to replace a faulty component will not work, as it is soldered to the display. But cupertinos refuse to acknowledge the problem of production defects and need for repairs of about $ 600.

Disgruntled buyers MacBook Pro in an attempt to demonstrate Apple the mass problem, set up a special petition on the website However, while the cupertinos refuse to give any comments.


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