The improvement is not very useful.

Released Monday , iOS 12.2 beta 2 and noticed some changes. Among them only one — there were four new animaze in the form of an owl, a giraffe, a shark and wild boar. The innovation was met with mixed reactions — they were unhappy iPhone users without Face ID.

Usually, users expect major updates new features and notable innovations in the interface. iOS 12.2, apparently, not about it. Even in the second beta version of iOS 12.2 not found any truly worthwhile changes.

The only noticeable innovation iOS 12.2 beta 2 were four new animaze: an owl, a giraffe, a shark and wild boar. However, users reacted to the appearance of the new animated faces is not very positive. If iPhone owners with Face ID more or less satisfied, users of most models of the iPhone are upset — for them in iOS 12.2 while there is nothing at all new.

It should be noted that a key innovation of iOS 12.2 is relatively hidden and it will affect users of all iPhone and iPad models. iOS 12.2 will be the first firmware with support for applications created on the new version of the Swift programming language 5. These applications run significantly faster and use less memory. It is expected that the launch of the final iOS version 12.2 the majority of the most popular apps will be updated to support Swift 5.

The final version of iOS 12.2 are expected in February-March 2019. It is not excluded that Apple will launch the firmware after its presentation in March.


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