Portrait mode iPhone much better.

Plus releasing the iPhone 7 in 2016, Apple has set the trend for portrait mode shooting in smart phones. After he began to appear in smart phones from all leading manufacturers, including relatively inexpensive with one camera. However, to surpass the portrait mode in iPhone any other smartphone failed. Compare iPhone XS Max and Galaxy S10 Plus showed that even the flagship Samsung with three cameras shoots worse than the iPhone in “Portrait”.

Compare portrait mode on the iPhone XS Max and Galaxy S10 has demonstrated the advantages of Apple over Samsung flagship with three cameras.

More likely the difference is noticeable on portrait shots of animals. iPhone perfectly separates the object from the background, leaving him in focus. Portrait mode consider including small items that are located in close proximity to the background. The following images show how the iPhone camera XS Max separated the dog from the background without blurring the subject. The Galaxy S10 Plus did not happen — the dog’s ears are blurred with the background.

iPhone XS Max (left) vs Galaxy S10 Plus (right)

With portrait photos of people iPhone XS Max is also better. Galaxy S10 Plus more clearly separated the object (ice cream) from the background, but the bokeh was weak and not very natural.

iPhone XS Max (left) vs Galaxy S10 Plus (right)

Also the iPhone in portrait mode more correct color reproduction, particularly skin tones. On Galaxy S10 Plus all the pictures turned out a little pale. It is noteworthy that this lack of camera flagship Samsung seen only in portrait mode.

iPhone XS Max (left) vs Galaxy S10 Plus (right)

Overall both phones coped with shooting in portrait mode. But the best result is definitely the iPhone XS Max.


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