South Korea have deleted Japan from the list of countries that are eligible for expedited import of their products. Seoul promised to do it in early August, when Tokyo imposed similar sanctions, but was asked not to consider revenge, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Since early September, Japanese companies working with South Korea, will have to wait for completion of all procedures, not five days, and 15. Announcing these measures, Minister of trade, industry and energy, South Korea’s sun young-mo (Sung Yun-mo) was accused of conflict of Tokyo.

In his opinion, “it is impossible to work closely with countries whose practices do not comply with the fundamental principles of the international export control system and constantly used incorrectly”.

The Japanese Minister was unable to comment on the actions of Seoul, because the country’s output. Earlier in Tokyo explained its restrictive measures protection of national interests. Individual officials pointed out that the real reason for the decision of the South Korean court regarding the damages during the Second world war.

Japan and South Korea have several unresolved conflicts since the middle of last century. Experts note that now the relationship between them — the worst in decades. Countries are close partners of Washington in the region, and also play a key role in the production of electronics. This applies to both Apple technology and servers to Amazon. The conflict between them will lead to slowdown in supply chain production.

The US President Donald trump on 9 August said that Seoul and Tokyo should agree with each other, because their spores are harmful to the United States. To date, however, Washington did not take action to bring parties to the negotiating table.

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