The maximum configuration of the Apple Mac Pro will cost $70 thousand At the annual conference 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2019), the American Corporation Apple introduced the new Mac Pro with Intel Xeon.

The starting price of the machine in the basic configuration starts from $6 thousand

The journalists The Verge has tried to estimate the maximum configuration Mac Pro, focusing on the closest analogues of the components.

By calculations of experts to the cost of the base Mac Pro ($6 thousand) cost to add the price of 12 of the memory modules DDR4 DIMM ECC 128GB (just over $16,5 thousand), the cost of two SSD 2 TB (nearly $2.5 million) and the cost of the 28-core Intel Xeon processors, as close as possible to the characteristics stated by Apple (in the calculations included Intel Xeon W-3275M price of nearly $7.5 million). Price dual module Vega II will be at least $12 thousand, if you focus on the counterparts, the cost of configuration of the 4 graphics cards can exceed $24tys.

Professional video editors will probably also need a specialized accelerator Apple Afterburner, the price of which is not reported.

The computer in the claimed capacity will be able to work with 8K video, mount 4K video, as well as to draw, to work and process photos.

Before Apple introduced iOS black 13. Dark theme will be useful when working in low light conditions. Also dark mode will save battery on phones with OLED displays.

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