The most expensive MacBook Pro is $ 6699. (416 000 rubles.). There’s a simple explanation, writes The Verge.

Apple updates MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. The price of the base model remained the same, and the most expensive configuration 15-inch MacBook Pro costs $ 2,400 more expensive than the MacBook Pro 2017. It happened due to the fact that the MacBook Pro 2018 options available that were not in last year’s model.

Prices on MacBook Pro 2017 and 2018 starting from 2799 dollars. Like last year, Apple proposes a more powerful processor — $ 300, to increase the SSD up to 1TB — $ 400, or up to 2 TB — $ 1200. After installing the Intel Core i9 and 2 TB SSD, laptop price will increase to $ 4299 — same cost and the top specification MacBook Pro 2017.

The difference is that Apple added two new options in 2018. The buyer can pay $ 400 for 32 GB of RAM and 3200 $ for SSD 4 TB. Together they increase the price to $ 6699.

Price for SSD can seem very high, but not for Apple. For example, the drive on a 4 GB SSD for iMac Pro costs $ 2,800. $ 400 for 32 GB of RAM is also normal practice for Apple.


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