American Corporation Apple is developing an Apple device Tags, which you can use to locate lost items such as keys and wallets. According to the publication MacRumors, track things will be possible through a special application Find My.

Tracking device will be a circular discs that are attached to things and to transmit information about the location. In the Apple device tracking has the working title B389. How it works comparing with the tracking Bluetooth tracker Tile company.

The novelty is expected to equip the new locator chip U1, which is already built into the iPhone 11. This chip uses ultra-wideband communication through which it is possible to specify the new location of the object with an accuracy of centimeters.

Trackers can beep. If the owner is too far away from the object, the tracker will warn you of this. In addition, if the iPhone user is next to someone else’s device, the system will send an alert with a request to return the loss to the owner and his contacts.

It was assumed that the novelty will be presented at the presentation of Apple in September, but this did not happen. The Verge suggests that the announcement of a new device may occur at a special Apple event in October.

Earlier it was reported that Apple released the operating system iOS 13. American Corporation Apple introduced the final version of the iOS operating system 13 with dark mode Dark Mode.

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