An unusual new program multitrade-in.

The company “Svyaznoy” announced the launch of a new program multitrade-in, which allows you to exchange multiple old devices for a new one. Depending on the States of the old devices, the maximum size of discounts multitrade-in can be 100%. This means that consumers will be able to exchange old gadgets for a new one without any charges.

The program multitrade-in in the “Connected” and C-Store it will be possible to take the smart phones from Apple, LG, Samsung, Huawei, Honor and Sony and tablet manufacturers Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Stores accept gadgets even without a receipt, packaging, and charger. Moreover, the smartphone or tablet does not need to be in working condition shops will accept and damaged gadgets.

The maximum discount on the purchase of new devices for each old gadget will be 40%. The total discount in the delivery program multitrade-in multiple devices can be equal to 100%.

Consumers can get a discount on any smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktop, which are presented in the “Connected” and C-Store. No restrictions on the brand of the manufacturer no.

Representatives of Svyaznoy said that the company will sell put in multitrade-in device in the secondary market through its partners. Some of the devices will be sent on the secondary markets of other countries.

Experts expressed caution about a new program multitrade-in from the “Coherent”. According to them, the program will want to take advantage of the crooks who will take the “grey” or stolen device and get in return is absolutely pure “white” smartphones and tablets.

Source: Kommersant.


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