Great price for a good smartphone.

“The messenger” proposed purchase officially restored the iPhone 6s at the markedly reduced price. In Internet store cost of iPhone 6s “As new” with 16 GB of internal memory dropped to 21 990 rubles.

A couple of years ago, Apple was reluctant to put in Russia restored the iPhone. But, fortunately, the situation has changed, and retailers are increasingly different models officially refurbished iPhone at heavily reduced prices.

Refurbished iPhone are very popular among Russians. The reason is an affordable price, which is often 10-15 thousand rubles less in comparison with the new version of the smartphone.

Starting today, Svyaznoy sells iPhone 6s 16 GB of memory in just 21 990 rubles. This is the minimum price of iPhone 6s ever installed by the shop. At the same time, “Svyaznoy” offers to buy a smartphone in installments for 20 rubles per day.

Note that the iPhone 6s remains the actual smartphone. With the advent of ultra-fast 12 iOS, the iPhone 6s has received a major boost in speed, which is now satisfied by all users.


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