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Internet-shop “Svyaznoy” has a new discount on several models of iPhone which are the most popular among Russian buyers. “The messenger” has reduced the prices of the Apple smartphones as part of a temporary sale “Cyberpowerinc”, which will run until February 3.

Sale “Cyberpowerinc” in 2019 are held in Russia quite actively. Their best deals the Russians have made all the leading retailers including MTS, “Beeline” and “Megaphone“we described earlier.

Great discounts has noted, “the Messenger”. Shop reduced prices on the popular and inexpensive compared to the flagship iPhone model:

  • iPhone 6s 32GB — 25 210 rubles.
  • iPhone 6s Plus 32GB “As new” — 25 210 rubles.
  • iPhone 6s Plus 64 GB “As new” — 27 151 the ruble.
  • iPhone SE 32 GB — 18 421 ruble.
  • iPhone 128 GB SE — 721 23 ruble.
  • iPhone 7 256GB “As new” — 36 851 rouble.

On the listed models iPhone has a direct, discounts, and also gives an additional discount when purchasing devices on the Internet. Note that the final price of the smartphone is displayed directly in the shopping cart. On these same pages, iPhone displays only a message about the possibility of obtaining discounts.


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