The Ministry of Finance of Russia suggested to impose restrictions on the amounts that can be spent on the purchase of smartphones, tablets and laptops for civil servants. Under the project, the cost of the phones for the Federal authorities must not exceed 15 thousand rubles, and tablet — 60 thousand rubles (per piece). For their assistants and advisers, the amount of below — up to 10 thousand and 50 thousand rubles respectively.

According to the project,


on the official website of legal acts, the cost of electronic devices by the Federal authorities should not exceed the following amounts: not more than 15 thousand rubles for a smartphone, 60 thousand rubles for the tablet and 100 thousand rubles for a laptop. For communication services it is proposed to set a monthly limit of four thousand.

As for the officials who occupy the position of councillors or assistants of heads of the Central (or regional governors), the allocated sum for them to buy gadgets even lower: the cost of a single smartphone must not exceed 10 thousand rubles, the tablet — 50 thousand rubles, and notebook — 80 thousand rubles. Expenses for communication services are limited to the amount of two thousand rubles a month.

Replace a smartphone will be once in five years, tablets and laptops once in three years. According to the authors of the initiative, such measures will eliminate certain problems in the security of the representatives of the Federal authorities electronic communication devices.

7 December 2018, it became known that former acting head of the Volokolamsk district of the Moscow region Andrei Vikharev in may concluded two state contract for the purchase of two phones iPhone X in excess of 178 thousand rubles, one for himself and another for his Deputy. About this Daily Storm announced activist Artem Lyubimov. Copies of government contracts and commercial Lyubimova statements to the police asking them to check public procurement is at the disposal of edition.

In a statement, the activist asked the police to initiate a criminal case about abuse of authority and embezzlement. The document emphasizes that, under the law, the maximum amount of mobile phones purchased by the budget, must be 15 thousand rubles. However, according to Lyubimov, the price of each purchased Apple iPhone X 256GB Space Grey was 89 369 rubles. The activist also noted that the former head of the district broke the law by signing two different contracts on the same day with the same vendor for the same product for the same price.

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