MOSCOW, November 22. /TASS/. The Ministry of health supports the decision of Apple to remove the App Store applications associated with Smoking electronic cigarettes or vaping and encourages businesses to follow the example of the company.

About the decision of the Corporation became known on November 15. According to Apple Insider, it will affect more than 180 programs through which owners wapow unable to regulate their work, applications with news about the culture of Smoking electronic cigarettes and related games.

“We welcome this decision and hope that its example in terms of voluntary action against the spread nikotinsoderzhaschie products will be followed by other representatives of the business world,” he wrote on Friday in his Telegram channel the Deputy head of the Ministry of health Oleg Salagay.

Previously, he said that the Ministry expects to review in the near future the draft law on distribution of electronic cigarettes and hookahs tobacco restrictions. The document in question, in particular, banning their use in public places and ban on sale to minors.

In recent months in the world, in particular in the United States have intensified the debate about the likelihood of the negative impact of wapow health. Experts say that in the United States, the effects of Smoking electronic cigarettes died almost 40 people. President Donald trump said that the us administration plans to raise the age of sale of such devices up to 21 years.

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