At the front of the trade war revival in the tent of the commander-in-chief of the American forces economic profit negotiators of the business of the enemy. On the eve of the visit of Donald trump, known for his “shock” style of bargaining — for example, today threaten North Korea with “total annihilation”, and tomorrow call Kim Jong UN a “great leader” — imposed sanctions against dozens of Chinese organizations for violations of human rights. By the evening of Thursday, few expected the Beijing delegation will stay in Washington until Friday, but Deputy Prime Minister Liu he stayed and even scheduled a private meeting with trump. All this illustrates the chaotic approach of the American leader to the war, to survive in which, it would seem, only by chance.

In fact, it is not — there is at least one top Manager who managed at least in part to bring the well-known company from under the economic cross — fire is Tim cook. Apple CEO boasts nearly unique to Silicon valley, which trump deservedly considers the preserve of the Democratic party, with access to the President — trump personally talking with cook over the phone. Why? Trump explained this back in August — because he is calling.

“Because he’s calling me and others don’t. Others hire expensive consultants, and Tim cook calling me directly. Very good.”

Straightforward approach to the Trump has already brought cook a dividend, tens of billions of dollars. Last summer, when trump announced the introduction of a 10 per cent rate on the additional $ 300 billion of Chinese imports, including equipment and accessories, Apple shares fell 2% in autumn the company was preparing to release a new Mac Pro, which, unlike the old, made in China, not in Texas. When cook called the Tramp and the White house has postponed the introduction of tariffs — the stock soared 4% — and trillion capitalisation is $ 40 billion. The reason for such concessions trump — says in a live CNBC management expert at Yale University Jeffrey Sonnenfeld.

“Tim cook gave us the recipe, and the trump right shows — if you want me to have good relations, that’s how it’s done. He always tried to have a relationship with big business, but many do not understand — it is not one of them. He has positioned himself as one of them — but these big businessmen don’t consider it as such, and his business never could compete with their businesses. And he felt rejected. Especially when he publicly criticized — as you can see, trump short fuse, he is sensitive to criticism”.

Given the publicity of information about how to influence the President of the United States, and the economic impact to the success or the collapse of the talks the two largest economies in the world, mobile phone trump now certainly hasn’t stopped buzzing. Although expect a deal here and now I should not have from the very beginning — the White house likes theatrical fateful meeting, and for this purpose a Vice-Premier of the state Council of the PRC not.

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