Manufacturer of computer hardware MSI has released an ad which ridiculed a new stand for a monitor from Apple.

Apple worldwide developers conference WWDC 2019 along with a new Apple display Pro Display XDR for MacPro presented and stand for this monitor. And it is in the package upon purchase are not included. The stand must be purchased separately for $999.

It is this fact and ridiculed by the MSI. Promotional poster left marketers put the ill-fated stand from Apple, putting, of course its price and to the right of your monitor. MSI Prestige PS341WU. It has the screen Nano-IPS with a resolution of 5K, and most importantly — the stand is already included in the kit. All together MSI sells for $1299.

Ask questions about the benefits here is meaningless. Although, it should be understood that the monitor, MSI’s performance is still inferior to Apple Pro Display XDR.

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