So really good the new iPhone? Have you noticed any differences from 11 Pro and Pro Max? And who you should not even think about buying it? Our commentator Dmitry Bevza will tell all after a month of daily use of the device. The first month of sales of the iPhone 11/11 Pro and Pro Max have shown that Apple gave a convincing answer to the detractors who criticized the company for lack of innovation in its flagship product. The first batch of 11-th line in Russia was sold out so quickly that had formed even a temporary shortage in stores. If we talk about the level of world demand for the iPhone, the company decided to increase the production of new phones on 10 percent to saturate a trading network.


the processor Apple A13 Bionic (6 cores, 2 high-performance, energy-efficient 4), Neural coprocessor Apple M13 (barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass) internal memory 4 GB display, 6.1″, IPS, 1792×828, 326 ppi storage 64/128/256 GB Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac/ac (2.4 and 5 GHz) bluetooth 5,0, A2DP, LE NFC (for Apple Pay) camera: front (12 MP, 4K video 30 fps 720p 240 fps) and the main with two lenses (wide and extra wide; both are 12 MP, 4K video shooting at 60 fps) face detection using the camera TrueDepth rechargeable battery 3110 mAh support wireless Qi standard dimensions 151×76×8.3 mm weight 194 grams of protection against water and dust according to IP68 standard

What’s the secret to the success of the new iPhone? It’s probably magic. But seriously, besides the magic, there are more obvious reasons. First, camera. Second, design and brand power. In that order. It is no secret that a few years ago Samsung, Huawei, and Google has made great strides in the field of mobile photography. And if mobile video the iPhone still takes better than the rest (in my subjective opinion), that part of the photo Apple’s competitors bypassed. Not to be unfounded, I can recommend to look at the rating test laboratory Dxomark on her eponymous website. Not all companies and experts agree with the Dxomark ratings, but the overall picture laboratory provides quite relevant, and this ranking is already a lot of smartphones are higher than last year’s iPhone XS/XS Max.

First and foremost, the lag became noticeable when shooting at night and optical zoom. And if five— and tenfold zoom thing spectacular, but not very often needed, some good shooting in low light conditions — it is a compulsory requirement for all premium smartphones.

And “mistakes” made, and very good. If judged on purely technical characteristics, then changes in the main photo module 11 iPhone compared to the iPhone XS did not happen: matrix 12 Megapixels, aperture of f/1,8 focal length 26 mm, matrix size 1/2,55″, pixel size 1.4 µm, dual pixel PDAF focusing, optical stabilization. Everything seems to be as before.

But it’s not. It has changed a lot. Changed image processing algorithms, added night mode and Deep Fusion (this requires an upgrade to iOS 13.2) — capturing method, when done a few pictures, and then machine learning algorithms are processed and glued in one frame. Similar technology is used by other companies, but Apple managed to catch up and even overtake competitors.

In addition to the night mode and Deep Fusion, a slightly modified control system of the camera and improved some of the shooting modes, the changed built— in photo and video editor covering now 99% of users. Now about third-party photo— and video-editing software, you can forget, unless you are a Pro (Yes, professionals are using mobile photo) and don’t use special software. In order to evaluate the performance of cameras, iPhone 11, I looked a little like him in Moscow and Moscow region. I suggest you self-assess the results obtained, importantly, not a professional photographer and not a professional technician, but on a “simple” smartphone.

Fluorescent shooting mode

Night mode

Large format module

Front camera

In addition to the impressive photography, Apple confirmed its status as leader in the field of mobile video, improved image stabilization, and transition (while shooting) from the wide angle to the main module, and Vice versa. The superiority over competitors is especially noticeable in the most popular video resolution of 1080.

But if you compare the quality of the iPhone camera 11 and iPhone X and XS, then the first difference will be seen in the pictures in low-light conditions. The photos taken on the iPhone X night or in dim light, first, it will be much more less “black spots”, and secondly, much less digital “noise.” When comparing night shots 11 iPhone and iPhone X and XS is immediately apparent. Another important aspect is a Deep Fusion, which works only on series 11. “Stitching” multiple frames in one allows you to increase the detail. There is a difference between 11 and iPhone X and iPhone XS is not so dramatic, but also there. And finally: when shooting video you can see the difference in the quality of stabilization. Simply put, the picture on the iPhone 11 is less than twitches.

The design Now a few words about the design. As you know, images of the entire 11 series leaked to the Internet prior to the premiere, and the location of dual and triple camera modules caused a lot of sarcastic comments like the iPhone fans and detractors. What can I say? In real life, the design of the new devices turned out to be more interesting and balanced than the rendering. Moreover, with a probability of 99.999%, we can say that in 2020 we will see a repetition of the same arrangement of cameras in smartphones Chinese manufacturers.

Despite the departure of johnny Ive, Apple’s design chief, in the company are only using one element to create a new smartphone iconic design. I really admire the work of designers (and marketers) at Apple. C on the one hand, the changes are not too radical. Is retained, which is important for conservative users. On the other, the changes made the new iPhone unlike any other smartphone. That is, Apple has been able to please everyone.

Minus I see only one. While the Chinese have not yet mastered the production of new covers for the price of 300-700 rubles. Will have to buy a native cover from Apple, but it 3349 rubles for a simple clear case made of polycarbonate and TPU. To wear a holster iPhone 11 just scary: it really is slippery.

By the way, despite the fact that iPhone 11, like all the other smartphones with glass enclosures, loves to slip out of his hands, the rest of the ergonomics of the full procedure. I’d say it’s perfect: not too big, not too small, not too thick, not too thin. In General, the equilibrium shape of the iPhone 11 is close to ideal, and can be, honestly, to use the popular cliche about what “smartphone lies comfortably in the hand.”

A few words about the technical characteristics. Why I don’t want to focus on hardware iPhone 11? The fact is that the hardware platform, processor, memory, communication modules 11 in iPhone same as iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max. Apple’s Bionic A13 and 4GB of RAM makes it one of the most and possibly the most productive smartphone in the world. IPhone 11 the same, with the exception of TV and PV panel, the camera, like the Pro/Pro Max. Compared to the iPhone XR extended run time battery life and superior moisture protection. Liquid Retina HD LCD display 6.1 inch, of course, inferior to SuperAmoled screens, but is also very good. That is hardware iPhone 11 looks very elegant. However, the device Apple love for it, and for the user experience that they give to their owners. And there very in time came to upgrade the iOS 13.2, which makes use of the iPhone 11 even more userfriendly and expands, as in the case with the camera capabilities of the phone.

Since my review of the iPhone 11 is not promotional in nature, I can safely say that I didn’t like. No, it is not the price. To argue about justice cost in the premium segment is pointless. Yes, I personally believe that 60 thousand rubles (this price iPhone 11 with 64 GB of memory) — to put it mildly, a lot. But who am I to teach how to spend money, residents of the city, which for a couple of weeks of sales swept all 11 Pro/11 Pro Max, the price of which starts with 90 and 100 thousand rubles.

Claims to iPhone 11 I begin with the framework. They remained as large as that of the iPhone XR. So now not wear. This is somehow old-fashioned.

Bangs. It’s still vast and delight I have no objections. Although for a few years it all seems to be accustomed to it, but while watching videos or playing games it’s annoying in the same way as before.

The lack of complete fast charging. Well, not to be so greedy and telephone for 60-75 thousand to complete a regular 5-watt charger.

The refusal of the 3D Touch. Yes, now strengthened press has replaced long, and everything seems to be working, but it is long, which takes more time. I still experience some discomfort, possibly from habit, but not to mention it can not.

iPhone 11 were muted colors. Someone like it, but I still prefer the iPhone was a bright XR. The colors this year seemed to me more boring.

Total For the price/quality 11 iPhone is the best smartphone in the new line, because for less money you get almost the same set of possibilities and sensations that 11 Pro/11 Pro Max. The prediction is that the iPhone 11 will become the best selling model in the new series, I don’t seem to be a fantasy, because the difference between 11 and 11 Pro is noticeably smaller than the difference between last year’s XR and XS. Recall that this difference has not prevented XR cheaper iPhone be a hit.

Who should think about iPhone 11 iPhone 8 and earlier models. First, the lifetime of these devices is coming to an end. Second, the difference in the user experience during the transition to the iPhone 11 will be huge and will pleasantly surprise you.

Those who want and have the opportunity to try the new iPhone 11 and go from your old Android device. Why not?

Lovers of mobile photography and video. iPhone 11 — is almost ideal for mobile photos and videos. And significantly cheaper than the Pro 11/Pro 11 Max.

Who does not need to switch to iPhone 11, the Owners of top-end Android 2019. The difference in the level and class of these devices there, though, because of different ideologies of the two platforms — Android and iOS — different user experience is guaranteed (but not sure it’s worth 60 thousand rubles).

The iPhone X, iPhone XS XR/XS Max. Believe me, your smartphone is so good and will be relevant for at least another year.

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