Today in Yaroslavl, a monument to a lost “iPhone.” Many passers-by took it for real, trying to lift off the ground. The art object in front of his house established Yaroslavl restaurateur Ian Levine.
“Monument” is a polished metal bar, the thickness and the length of which is visually similar to the original device from Apple. It is built into the paving at one of the institutions of Ian Levin in the Soviet street.

Some people passing by, trying to get the “smartphone”, and for some time be discouraged.

— The ground under the phone takes a long welded pin, and with impudence, “iPhone” not to raise, but who only in recent days did not try, — says Ian Levin on his page in Facebook.

According to Levin, the idea to establish such a facility appeared a year ago. On the “monument” is engraved with the logo, name of camera hole and flash, and even at the bottom there is information about certification.

Previously, Levin — the other of his establishment on the street Sobinova — a monument to a lost wallet. It also repeatedly tried to pick up pedestrians, reckless rejoicing cash find.
“Sobakawa” I wrote about another initiative of the Yaroslavl restaurateur — to make a scandalous sunken jetty close to the centre of the city a local landmark.
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