Selling electronic gift certificates was launched in the Moscow planetarium, the minimum nominal value of 500 rubles, is spoken in the message of the press service of the planetarium.

The Moscow planetarium has launched the sale of electronic gift certificates, together with the ticketing operator Lastick.

“To get certificates online in any amount and at any day of the week. Their minimum value is 500 rubles, and the maximum has no visible boundaries, like the universe itself. The certificate holder will be able to participate in all lectures, scientific experiments and demonstrations, presented on the official website of the Moscow planetarium”, — stated in the message.

To gift you can leave a congratulatory message to the recipient.

“The recipient will need only to enter the certificate number on the website, choose the date of the event. Tickets will be sent by e-mail and SMS, and after you will be able to add them in the Apple Wallet is easy and simple. All vouchers are valid for six months from the date of purchase” — is the material.

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