A few years ago Apple was closed for repairs one of the most famous Apple Store located on Fifth Avenue in new York. For nearly two years, the workers worked on the extension of the store, and now it became known that the famous Apple Store will soon open. The store will work around the clock seven days a week.

For the first time about wanting Apple to remodel one of the most famous and visited his stores, became known in 2016. In early 2017 the new York Apple Store was closed. It was reported that Apple has decided to significantly increase the total area of the store. While the new space should be an area for learning and creativity.

Along with internal changes and expansion of the store cupertinos also decided to once again rebuild itself “glass cube”. New design created with this account below on the ground floor penetrated more natural light.

The exact date of the opening of one of the most famous Apple Store is unknown. However, last night the company has covered the building with transparent iridescent tape, and around the building come to completion all the work.


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