In the production of smartphones has already decided not to invent and be different from others in fashion copying and repetition. And okay, even when copied useful and good things — here we only. But sometimes it seems that some manufacturers are adding features only for the sake of everyone bullying — say, how many things can rastirazhirovan competitors? And the limits to this clown simply not available.

Cutouts in the screen

Apple iPhone X you can still somehow understand. The company was one of the first to try to make a truly frameless smartphone (well, almost), but the selfie camera and a bunch of sensors I had to do something with. After all, Apple is not such a technologically advanced company like, say, the Oppo or Vivo, and can’t squeeze the fingerprint reader into the screen. And unlock your smartphone to make payments with Apple Pay as it is necessary — and definitely not entering the password on the screen. So I had to make the same cut “the unibrow”, but since it’s Apple, then to pretend it is beautiful and generally the way to go.

The developers of Android smartphones, it appears, do not know how to think for themselves, so, too, started to rivet cutouts in his own way. Remember the old joke about the presidents of Apple and Samsung? When Tim cook talked publicly about his orientation, the President of Samsung has said that it is even more gay, and besides water-resistant? So, in every joke, as they say, only a joke share. First, not Samsung (though it too), and Google. And secondly, not waterproof, and with the “bangs”. Google Pixel 3 XL we noted not only the already overly deep cut, but glitches, because of which they appeared for two things:

But while Google was just a bug, ZTE has introduced the concept of a smartphone with a real two cut — ZTE Iceberg:

But Samsung, though, and thinking to surrender and to release smartphones with cutouts while in this shameful trend has not been noticed. So not about those jokes.

However, here I want to talk about the “eyebrows”, but the fillet corners of the screen. When we take up the same X iPhone or many other smartphones with truly frameless screens, we understand why there scroogled and the screen itself — fillets the corners of the housing. Without the fillets, the case was not so comfortable for the hand, and they have to cut and screen.

But why scroogled the corners of the screen where the claims of bermocoll not? Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Sony Xperia XZ3 — why is there a screen scroogled? Why? Just because it is fashionable?

Persistent music services

Apps iTunes and Google Music was quite good players, each on its respective operating system (iOS/Android). But with the invention of subscription music services they have become annoying beggars. Program beg subscription literally every time they run.

Well, on Android at least you can put another application with the same brand functionality (and hassling with the requirements of the subscription you will only have YouTube Music in YouTube app normal). But on iOS if you put a third party player, then access your iTunes library from him anymore. But iTunes itself would not care that you already bought the music on half the salary he will sell you a subscription over and over again.

Well, if I don’t? If I just don’t need? FIE on them!

Ubiquitous beutification

Okay, some people do not like acne on the face, wrinkles or just lazy self to care for themselves. Others have abandoned regular use of LSD and now miss bright, parahydrogen the colors of the surrounding world. Well, let them impose some sort of options, settings and modes that will be exactly what optional and separately included.

But when the “beautification” is enabled by default is annoying. Most Chinese smartphones do not know how to see reality, they see acid rest of the game.

And even always famous for precision pictures of the iPhone in the last generations suddenly began to smear selfie. And, unlike many Android smartphones, no settings in the iPhone and no to disable this mode impossible. Only after the mass disturbances, Apple decided to fix this problem.

Refusal to 3.5 mm
And again, Apple is not such a technologically advanced company and to master the creation of a water-resistant smartphone with a headphone connector just couldn’t. No to be honest: “Guys, we decided that the water resistance is still better, and we’ve got our new headphones to sell,” but no, the company almost declared war wires, and people, as always, led.

Seriously, it feels like the very presence of a 3.5 mm Jack somehow interferes with listening to music via Bluetooth, so if you want to. What’s wrong with this connector? Especially those smartphones that no promise waterproof and record-slim body also can not offer?

Yes, today a lot of good Bluetooth headsets. But still happens when I forgot to charge, for example. Wired headphones will save, and any. Stuck in the connector and do not need to match, look for the power button, read the instructions. Fast, convenient, always works. At what stage in the pursuit of functionality has changed, on the contrary, a waiver of convenient features? And what the hell are you, Samsung, is also going to cave in that stupid fashion?

Megalomania and the monotony

In 2018 almost all of the smartphones for small hands. Yes, its large screen is convenient, but where is the diversity? Why is the option of choice, which for so long have been proud fans of Android, has suddenly ceased to be good?

In fact, today there are two decent and compact smartphone: iPhone SE and the Sony Xperia XZ3 Compact. And the iPhone is already two years old and a direct replacement for him there ~~and will not~~.

Most manufacturers if released today some compact in size smartphones, with such a weak filling that they free do not want to take. But they like each other as two drops of water.

Convex screens and 3D-back

When Samsung came up with Galaxy Note Edge that was some meaning: round screen on one side was a essentially a second screen, which displayed various shortcuts for easy and quick access. Now all versions a curved screen are nothing, except for the fact: “Look, we can bend the screen!”. The merits of such an innovation there, but a lot of flaws: glare on screen in place of fillets, hindered the availability of some of the UI elements (extreme letters on the keyboard button in some games), more likely to break your screen in the fall smartphone higher the price of the screen itself and work on its replacement.

But even worse than the rounded screens (which still sometimes look very cute) — these are all 3D-back with various cheesy effects. Just like some Chinese toy from childhood. Some manufacturers, moreover, spend 5-10 minute presentations, telling how their new smartphone has amazing 3D back. And why? Then to put a cover from the kit?

That’s when LG spoke about the back from the stitched leather to the LG G4 — that was cool. And back in the BlackBerry Key2 is cool. But all this soap at Sony, Oppo, even Apple — not cool.


Well, until the slider mechanism in the trends is not included, but a dangerous trend is already planned. So far, however, only in China — for Honor Magic 2 and Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix to be sold in Russia in no hurry. But still — it’s a very poor attempt to reject “monobrow”. The phone literally tries to fall out of hands when trying to decompose. Necessary for the operation of the mechanism of thickening is not responsible benefit in the form of increased volume of the battery. Unfolded to hold the smartphone in hand is frankly uncomfortable. Water there is unlikely to be. Now unlock possible or via a slow scanner in the screen or permanent housing clicks here and there. For each incoming message in messenger.

Yes, the selfie camera is needed, but it would have been better then it went sideways at the touch of a button. Or it must be embedded in the screen — print scanner was built. Come on, manufacturers, we believe in you, just no more sliders, please. The sliders should remain in the past. Or, at least give it the past and let going to be the halves of the QWERTY keyboard, and the “sacrifice” half of the screen, as for BlackBerry Key2, this is not the case.

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