Flagships are not very common.

Research company DeviceAtlas found out what model iPhone are the most popular among Russians. According to released statistics, the most popular Apple smartphone users in Russia at the end of 2018 was the iPhone 7.

Experts DeviceAtlas tracked with any iPhone models Russians often go to the Internet and on the basis of the data collected made a list of the most popular smartphones Apple in Russia. It turned out that the most popular model is the iPhone 7 — use of 18.49% of the total number of Russian owners of smartphones Apple. In second place is the iPhone 6 with a share of 14.11%, the third is the iPhone 6s with the rate of 12,36%. As you can see, the 4.7-inch model iPhone use in Russia more popular.

Ten of the most popular models of the iPhone in Russia as follows:

  • iPhone 7 from 18.49%
  • iPhone 6 — of 14.11%
  • iPhone 6s — 12,36%
  • iPhone 5s — 11,25%
  • iPhone SE — 10,81%
  • iPhone X — 8,99%
  • iPhone 7 Plus 7,80%
  • iPhone 8 — 6,23%
  • iPhone 8 Plus is 6.07%
  • iPhone 5 — 3,32%
  • As for the flagship iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR, these models are poorly spread in Russia. The iPhone XS is 0.48% iPhone XS Max — 0,02%. The most popular model of the iPhone in Russia is called iPhone XR, whose share at the end of 2018 was 0.01%.

    In DeviceAtlas stress that usually their statistics is close to the maximum true error can be negligible.

    Source: DeviceAtlas.


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