Talk about really need apps that support augmented reality.

Now the AR section in the App Store you can find hundreds of programs: those that measure the environment to those that allow you to place the dinosaurs. Most of them are designed for entertainment. Nevertheless, among them there are lots of useful apps that can be useful in everyday life.

IKEA Place

One of the first utilities in the App Store that support ARKit, which is still very interesting and useful. With the help of the IKEA Place, as before, you can see how it will look in the furniture of Swedish home shop user. At the same time it introduces new features. You can now run the app and scan real furniture to find the appropriate equivalent in the IKEA store. After already finding a similar piece of furniture, it is possible to “try on” his apartment.

Ink Hunter

A great program for those who love tattoos, but it is still an extremely indecisive person. Ink Hunter is helping to make a virtual tattoo and see how it could look like on different parts of the body. The user can look at one of the tattoo in the app’s library or to add your own images. So if you have an interesting sketch, you can add it to the app and “try on”.


In iOS 12 Apple added built-in applications to measure length of real objects using the iPhone camera. Of course, it is free, and at a certain skill can be quite useful in everyday life. At the very least, measure the chair and make sure it’ll fit it through the doorway.


For those who are not very well oriented in space according to the map, the team Yandex has added to their branded app mode navigation in augmented reality. Now not necessarily look at the map: just point the camera at the approximate location of the destination and go there, where there is a virtual red dot.

App in the Air

In the popular program for orientation at airports with the release of iOS 11 has a new feature – the comparison of measurements with standards of different airlines. If you are not sure if your suitcase size carry-on Luggage, it is now possible to compare it with the virtual Luggage in the app. If they match, you with quiet soul to go to the airport and not worry that you will have to pay extra for Luggage.


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