The French authorities estimated damage from the actions of “yellow jackets” in the country over the past year. According to RTL, citing sources in the government of the country, he had totalled 2.5 billion euros.

So, insurance companies paid compensation to 13 thousands of businesses that were looted or destroyed. The total amount of payments amounted to 230 million euros. Five thousand businessmen and artisans who suffered from the actions of “yellow jackets”, appealed to the authorities asking them to defer the payment of taxes and contributions to the social insurance Fund in the amount of 460 million Euro.

Over the past year, about 75 thousand people, mostly employees of hotels, shops and boutiques, as well as employees of cafes and restaurants that were affected during the stock of the demonstrators lost their jobs. 30 per cent reduction in the revenues of the prestigious clothing stores in Paris, which also suffered from the “yellow jackets” in the past year.

Recall that the action of demonstrators protesting against the government Rules, commenced on 17 November 2018. The hallmark of their participants become “yellow jackets”. The demonstrators began to overlap with the freeways and the world-famous streets such as Champs Elysees. The main requirement of the “yellow jackets” to the authorities was to abolish the vehicle tax that increases gasoline prices. In addition, they insisted on raising the minimum wage. On this day, in actions have taken part about 282 thousand of the French.

At the beginning of the action, which took place every Saturday, was peaceful, but rapidly escalated into violent clashes of protesters with the police, not only in Paris but also in other major French cities. In the center of Paris, joined the “yellow jackets” radicals staged acts of vandalism and violence, paralyzing the centre of the French capital.

On 25 April President Emmanuel macron has introduced a moratorium on the transport tax. After that, the “yellow jackets” were put forward mainly political demands, protesting against the actions of the French government and reforms of the President of Macron.


The movement’s leaders called on their supporters to stage mass protest on Saturday, November 16, in order “to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the movement”. As reported thousands of French of all law enforcement personnel will be mobilized in the coming weekend. According to the newspaper, in the stock plan on participating the radicals and the extreme right, who are planning to block Ikea, Boulevard de la Madeleine and the Apple Store. According to them, this American company is “a champion for the payment of minimum taxes in France.” According to a source from the power structures of the country, the authorities want at all costs to avoid these demonstrations turned into action “urban guerrilla”, as some would like “yellow jackets”.

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According to a sociological survey taken by Elab, 55% of French people support the demands made by the “yellow jackets.” However, 63% of respondents do not want the resumption of new protests.

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