Less than a week Apple is expected to show its new operating system. And if mobile OSes and system for clock and console are labeled with only numbers, macOS is allocated a unique name. However, it’s unknown what will be named macOS 10.15. However, some of the opinions on this already.

In the last few years cupertinos used in the name of their desktop operating system names that are somehow associated with individual sites or geographic locations in the state of California. There is speculation that this year the company will go on the same way.

However, at the moment it is unknown which name Apple will choose. A few years ago cupertinos has registered an impressive list of names, which include names of cities, landmarks, mountain ranges, deserts and even animals.

Last year, Apple joined the list of three names:

  • Sequoia is a large national Park located in the state of California. Known primarily for its tall trees.
  • Sonoma is a small California city, is a center of winemaking in the state.
  • Ventura is a coastal city in California, famous for surfing and Windsurfing.

Experts believe that the “prefix” for macOS 10.15 will choose from these three names.


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