This weekend The Wall Street Journal published insider report, Apple’s maps team, which creates a new competitor Netflix. According to the team, the new streaming service Apple is harmless and is similar to the “dear NBC”.

According to Apple employees, CEO Tim cook is trying to maintain the purity of the content without “excessive sex, swearing and violence”. According to reports, cook personally turned the first dramatic play Apple’s “Vital Signs” about the life of Dr. Dre after viewing almost ready to show and was concerned when he saw the cocaine, orgies and weapons.

In addition, Apple intends to maintain the programming-oriented show to a wider audience and family orientation.

The report also stated that morning news program with Jennifer aniston and Reese Witherspoon postponed after questions with the Executive producer. In addition, Apple found a number of issues with humor and wanted a more upbeat feel of the show.

Apple hopes that the service will be more family oriented audience than Netflix. At the moment, only time will tell how this bet works.

SOURCE: Cord Cutters News

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