The Network got merged pictures of the new IPhone XI. According to reports, the smartphone will be frameless and will not have a front camera. Instead, the gadget will be two flips of the camera, which will replace the main and front.

Similar technology is already with Asus ZenFone 6. It will be implemented on the new model Oppo and Meitu.

Both the IPhone camera will get a resolution of 20 megapixels, but a camera will have wide angle lens and another with a 5x optical zoom. The hinge will be triggered automatically when you switch to “selfie mode”, and turn rate five times higher than the one which was able to achieve competitors.

Apple does not like to take risks, so users had a doubt that the new design actually belongs to the company. Now, however, the head of Apple Tim cook is bad, so he could decide on an experiment.

New look, apparently, belongs to the chief designer of Apple, Evans Hankey. Due to the fact that in recent years, the IPhone had often been criticized, hanky could decide to radically reshape it. But was only able to copy the trend in China.

There is no certainty that the current design will be final. However, its advantage in comparison with the previous models may be the lack of cutout for the camera and sensors at the top of the screen. Other fusion Network renders of a smartphone with three cameras on the rear of this “flaw” had, says Federal news Agency.

There are new renderings of the iPhone design 11

— Klim Radov (@KlimR3000) 25 June 2019.

Previously, we reported that Apple has increased iPhone production for sanctions against Huawei. Most will be the last device of the series.


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