Instagram users made fun of those shows on my photographs the trappings of luxury living. The flash mob where participants upload pictures of “real life”, drew attention to the tabloid Daily Mail.

Users from all over the world publish in their profile pictures under the hashtags #NotARichKidOfInstagram (not a rich kid of Instagram) and #BudgetLife (budget life). They parody the image of expensive cars, gadgets and clothes.

One of the participants of the flash mob stuck on the wheel of his car with a paper icon of the Mercedes brand, and a plastic Cup — the logo of Starbucks. Another has depicted himself at work at the laptop: on the gadget he had duct-taped the bitten Apple, parodying thus expensive equipment from Apple. A resident of America “boasted” of his shoes glued to rubber flip-flops stickers with the signature Gucci.

The most creative participants of the flash mob were British. Many girls have posted their photos with cheap alcohol in the background of dilapidated houses, and some of them boasted a budget gifts received for the holidays.

Previously, the network has gained popularity of the flash mob On Shell Challenge. The aim was to eat any product in the package. Then experts warned users from recording such a video as this can be life-threatening.

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