Publishing publishes data on new phones emphasizes that all submitted information is of a preliminary nature and may not all be true.

A week and a half before the official presentation became known specifications of the new iPhone models from Apple.

Basic smartphone in the lineup of three devices is iPhone 11 — the successor to the commercially successful iPhone XR. Like its predecessor, the new smartphone will have the same screen and 4 GB of RAM. For the quality of the selfie meets the front camera is 12 MP and the sensor Face ID has a tilt to unlock phone worked under wider angles.

The eleventh model also got a more capacious battery in 3110 mAh. The device does not function and 3D Touch is not supported by Apple Pencil. On the rear panel of the smartphone is lens 12-megapixel camera.

Next in the line of recruits from Apple — iPhone 11 Pro. Unlike previous models, this smartphone has 6 GB of RAM and the triple 12-megapixel camera on the back panel, which is made in the form of an irregular triangle. The device supports Apple Pencil and boasts a battery with a capacity 3190 mAh. The design of the phone, according to the preliminary version will be made of frosted glass.

The most “pumped” in the presented trio will be iPhone 11 Pro Max. In his Arsenal improved Face ID, 12 MP on front camera, back wireless charging and Wi-Fi support 6. Like high version, high function Apple Pencil and 6 GB of RAM. Battery capacity was 3500 mAh battery, according to the portal, stating that all information given is based on unverified data.

It is expected that all three smartphones will come bundled with a power adapter 18 watts, while the cable will be highlighted at the end of the phone.

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