New iPhone now available in the shop rent. The rent of smartphones in Russia launched a network of official Apple stores re:Store. At the time, you can take all the iPhones of the 10th and 11th generations. The service cost starts from four thousand roubles a month, and the most expensive flagship — 11th iPhone Pro Max will cost 7.5 thousand.

In the US, the hire Apple smartphones appeared four years ago. There is the 11th iPhone now costs less than two thousand rubles a month, and, according to analysts, almost 40% of owners of new gadgets are not bought but rented. But the cost of services in Russia seems unreasonably high, according to the publisher portal Oleg Kapranov.

Oleg Kapranov publisher portal “If the present situation with the most expensive iPhone which costs 132 thousand, then you during the year, pay his monthly payments on 7,5 thousand is almost 90 thousand, while in fact this phone does not belong to you. Either you have it and give it in exchange for a new one, and then you will continue to pay the 100 thousand per year for the use of the apparatus, which does not belong to you. Or you have to buy, but then you have to pay for it residual redemption amount, which will amount to 52 thousand. And the fact you pay for the phone 154 thousand rubles at its retail price of 131 thousand. That is, you’re paying almost 20 thousand in order to become the owner. By that time it will be the device that you are using year. The loan profitable. Hard to say what the story will be very popular in Russia. Yes, of course, the same thing began to make Amipd about a year ago, but it’s the perfect model for man, which is very important to constantly have a new phone in perfect condition, immaculate, updated and so on. The same iPhone a cycle of two years, i.e. two years you go with a machine that does not lose its relevance. In reality, this cycle even more, you can go three, four years with the phone and it will be quite relevant, to conform to the latest requirements. The number of people who have this problem is small. From a business point of view re:Store or the Apple business, especially in Russia, it will be very small numbers.”

Apple has the practice of reselling rented for disposal of smartphones, which in retail is conventionally called “as new”. In these phones all the settings brought down to its factory default settings and restore the previous user is impossible.

If all the smartphones that the company will lease, will be to undergo this procedure, user security is not in danger, experts say.

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