For 10 September, Apple will officially unveil their new smartphones. However, it is still unknown how exactly they will be called. The network has several different options. At this stage, the most popular version is iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. In favor of this option is the recently published internal document from Apple.

Today the author of the twitter account @AppleBeta2019 shared internal Apple document, which contains quite a lot of detail about Apple’s new products. For example, it has numbers and names of three new iPhone: iPhone 11 (N104), iPhone 11 Pro (D42), iPhone 11 Pro Max (D43).

The document also stated that the iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone Pro and 11 Pro Max will be out of the box running iOS 13.1. In the rest of this version of Apple’s mobile operating system will be available not earlier than October. With what is the solution – who knows.

Additionally, the document was found four new models of the Apple Watch (A2156, A2157, and A2092 A2093) and two iPads (A2068 and A2198). The Apple tablet is scheduled for October. It is possible that the announcement of the new iPad models will be part of a separate event.


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