iOS 13, iPhone 11, 2 AirPods, and more.

What will 2019 for Apple? Many will be surprised, but it is now clear that the year will be successful and incredibly rich. The company prepares a lot of novelties, including unexpected. Told everything to expect from Apple in 2019 in this material. Spoiler: in addition to iOS 13 iPhone 11 will be much more interesting.

iPhone 2019: a powerful update

2018 was relatively boring for the iPhone because of the traditional “S-update”. iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR has received a lot of innovations, but in General, as indicated in the names of the smartphones are improved versions of anniversary iPhone X. By the way, is the lack of innovation because of the “S-pack” of new smartphones Apple is one of the reasons for “sluggish” sales of new products.

In 2019 with the iPhone everything will be different, as we are waiting for a full new generation. Thanks to leaks from respected insiders already know that Apple is going to release three new iPhone. Like last year, Apple released two flagship models with OLED displays and one more available with LCD display. Now the new Apple smartphones are conventionally referred to as the iPhone 11 (XI), iPhone Max 11 (XI Max) and iPhone XR 2019.

Though new and will belong to the new generation, the overall design they are very similar to the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. Verified sources The Wall Street Journal reportedthat Apple’s plans is the reduction of part of the perimeter of the display of the new smartphones, as well as reducing “monobrow”. These changes can significantly affect the design of the new iPhone, but do a complete redesign of speech, of course, is not.

One of the key features of at least one of the new iPhone will be a triple camera. The same reliable sources said that in 2019, will the iPhone with a system of three cameraswhich will allow a smartphone (or smart phones) to make even more quality pictures in low-light conditions, use a increased optical zoom and shoot in the new mode.

In iPhone sample of 2019 will be made a big bet on the photographic opportunities. Insiders claim that Apple will improve the camera, but also implements new shooting modes. Many of them will be possible thanks to equipping the new iPhone fancy 3D cameras, similar in principle to operate the system by TrueDepth camera in the latest iPhone models.

Another two interesting features of the iPhone 2019 revealed Atherton Research analyst Jean-Baptiste su. According to him, the Apple iPad Pro after 2018 will put the new iPhone on USB type-C and will be equipped with smartphones built directly into the display with the fingerprint scanner. In the latter, given the numerous statements by Apple that Touch ID is outdated technology, hard to believe.

In other words, Apple is expected a major update iPhone, as it happens every two years. Innovation will be a lot and, as usual, some of them will only be disclosed for the presentation.

The presentation of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 iPhone Max XR 2019 will be held in September 2019.

iPhone SE 2: hope never dies

Over the past two years about the iPhone SE 2 had so many unfulfilled rumors that even the most optimistic Apple fans came to the conclusion that the new compact iPhone can’t wait. However, hope does not die, analysts say.

In 2018, Apple miscalculated. The company released the iPhone is too expensive that not in a good way met in the markets of developing countries, including China, India and Russia. As a result, iPhone sales dropped substantially, leading to a powerful drop in shares of Apple at 30%.

Himself Tim cook admittedthat the company had not expected this and hoped for a warmer reception the iPhone, as in previous years. A key reason for the failure of the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR is called the excessively high price that is unaffordable for most people in developing countries.

The way out of the problem for Apple is obvious — the launch of a new cheaper iPhone, experts say. This smartphone may be the long-awaited iPhone SE 2. It is noteworthy that consumer interest in the iPhone SE 2 remains strong. Surveys Apple fans from developing countries showedthat many are willing to buy the updated iPhone SE 2 immediately after its launch.

IPhone presentation SE 2 can pass in the spring of 2019.

iPad 2019: great budget option

Apple’s first year offering buyers iPad budget and where more expensive and advanced iPad Pro. In 2019, the updates are expected in both lines.

For many Apple fans from Russia the most interesting will be the updated budget iPad. The new product will replace the iPad fully available in 2018, while receiving a number of notable improvements.

If the iPad was different from the 2018 2017 iPad only a new Fusion A10 processor and stylus support Apple Pencil, the new iPad 2019 will be much more improvements. For according to reliable sources, Macotakara, the new iPad 2019 will receive a 10-inch display with a reduced part of the perimeter, one of the latest processors A11 Bionic and increased amount of RAM.

These changes will be enough to upgrade the line, but it is possible that the iPad will delight 2019 and other innovations. The main thing that pointed to the sources of Macotakara, the new tablet will retain a key feature of the models of previous generations — a low price.

iPad 2019 must be presented at the spring presentation of the new Apple or at WWDC in June 2019.

iPad Pro 2019: the mysterious new Apple

The update will be among the “proshek”. However, at the moment about the iPad Pro 2019 is practically nothing known. According to yet a single leak about the tablet, the novelty will get the basic time-of-flight camera. It will give iPad Pro 2019 new features for working with augmented reality and creating 3D objects.

Also iPad Pro to 2019 should definitely expect of a fortified building. At the end of 2018 on the Apple struck many critics for being too easily bendable case iPad Pro 2018. Official denials from Apple and hundreds of reviews from real users that the tablet does not bend, not able to help forget the community about the problem. Therefore Apple definitely wants to strengthen the hull of the new iPad Pro 2019.

The presentation of the iPad Pro 2019 will be held in the fall of 2019.

iPad mini 5: the return of the prodigal son

2019 will be the year of the return iPad mini 5 — the compact Apple tablet. It’s practically a proven fact. About the release of iPad mini 5 in 2019 , said Ming-Chi Kuo, the most respected analyst in the world Apple, which is never wrong in their forecasts.

According to Kuo, the iPad mini 5 will be extremely easy upgrade. The tablet will retain the design of the predecessor model, but will get significantly improved performance. However, it is an upgrade “stuffing” and the need for fans of compact tablets, as the hardware iPad mini 4 does not allow you to perform advanced tasks at high speed.

Kuo said that the iPad mini 5 will be available with the tablet, as with previous models from the line.

The presentation of iPad mini 5 must go in the spring or summer at WWDC 2019.

AirPods 2 or AirPods Pro: update of the most popular wireless headphones in the world

Update AirPods wireless headphones is also in Apple’s plans for 2019. For information the above mentioned Ming-Chi Kuo, a full AirPods second generation this year will not work — they’ll save the Apple for 2020. In 2019, the same year the company will update the first model AirPods, implemented in the new version a number of improvements.

It is expected that the AirPods 2 or AirPods Pro, also called AirPods S, get the charging case with wireless charging support features “Hey Siri” for quick access to voice assistant system for noise cancellation and better audio.

AirPower: the charging Mat will finally be released

Mat for wireless charging of three devices at the same time had to leave in 2017. But due to production problems Apple had postponed several times the launch of new products. According to the latest information, Apple finally began mass production of AirPower. The long-awaited release of new items is expected in the next couple of months.

Apple Watch Series 5: another mysterious new

About smart watch Apple Watch Series 5 yet absolutely no verified information. It is clear that the gadget is going to be presented in the fall of 2019, but what innovations will be unknown. It is worth to note that to expect a major upgrade, perhaps not. His Apple did last year by releasing the Apple Watch Series 4 with a seriously revamped design.

A bunch of new Mac: MacBook, Mac Pro, iMac

For 2019 Apple will release several new Mac computers. The expected output of the MacBook and MacBook Pro, updated iMac, and even another new version of the Mac Pro. Information on the new Mac yet, but analysts believe that the most powerful upgrades can happen in the case of the MacBook Pro. In the last couple of years, “Proshka” only get updates in terms of “stuffing” — it’s time for the more notable innovations.

HomePod 2 and HomePod mini: speakers speak in Russian?

“Smart” column HomePod became an absolute hit, though Apple sales of the device and especially not complaining. In 2019, the company will attempt to reverse the situation by releasing a new version of the HomePod column 2 and, what is more important — a smaller version of the HomePod mini speakers at an affordable price.

For Russian users HomePod is still one of the most uninteresting Apple devices. Column does not support Russian language, and not sold in Russia. In 2019 this may change as Apple representatives have repeatedly stated that in the future HomePod will appear in more countries. Given that Siri is fluent in Russian, would be logical if the next destination for the HomePod.

Apple TV: new video service for watching movies

2019 should be observed for Apple to launch its own streaming service for movies, TV series and TV shows. “Netflix Apple” leading analysts promise a fairly long time, but just at the beginning of 2019 on a long-awaited service directly hinted himself, Tim cook. And said, “Expect new services in 2019”.

According to verified sources, the basic subscription for new TV service from Apple will be free for all iPhone, iPad and Mac. For premium membership, like similar services, you will have to pay. While in Russia, no doubt, the service fees will be very reasonable. For example, Apple Music, the Russians only pay 169 rubles, while in most countries the fee is almost 700 rubles. The same benefit for the Russian market, no doubt, will in the case of TV service.

A logical step for Apple will be releasing a new TV set-top box Apple TV, along with a new service for watching movies and TV series. No details about Apple TV 5, however, not yet.

iOS 12.2 and iOS 12.3: new features for iPhone and iPad

In the first of numerous updates for iOS 12 there is at least visible functions. IOS 12.0.1 for iOS 12.1.3 Apple developers only fix bugs, optimize performance and introduce new features to the newest iPhone. This is a normal situation, such updates are released every year.

Really new features and significant interface changes are expected in iOS 12.2 and iOS 12.3. Both updates will be released until the summer of 2019. What functions they will be, alas, unknown.

iOS 13: “major update after iOS 7”

In June, at WWDC 2019, Apple will introduce iOS 13 , a new mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The firmware will have many new features, some of which have already made hints leading insiders. 13 expected from the iOS dark theme, for the first time the updated home screen, new search engine for photos, recycled Files, and more.

Of course, it is important to understand that all these innovations are only projected. 100% reliable leaks, for example, from the code of the firmware by Apple at the moment has not happened. Nevertheless, insiders stated several times that iOS 13 will be the largest update of the mobile operating system Apple iOS 7.

It is important to note that iOS 13, most likely, will leave behind the iPhone 5s and other devices with Apple A7 processor: the iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3. As we wrote earlier, that the users of these devices, you should think about upgrading.

macOS 10.15: new apps for iPhone and iPad

macOS 10.15 — a new version of the operating system for Macs will also be presented at WWDC 2019. While it is known only one major innovation is firmware — universal app with iPhone. According to leaks of code to Xcode, Apple developing a user-friendly system which will enable developers to quickly adapt and transfer the apps from iPhone and iPad to the Mac.

watchOS 6: we probably will

How about the Apple Watch Series 5, there are no verified information, and watchOS 6 shrouded in mystery. But the firmware will be released and will include many new features.

tvOS 13: the best quality TV support-Apple

Released last year, firmware for Apple TV tvOS 12 received a minimum of innovations. tvOS 13 will be the other. If Apple does launch its own streaming TV service, tvOS 13 for it will be ideal conditions. You can expect new features for recording content, the function “smart” search for the desired movies and TV shows, and more. However, no specifics about tvOS 13 yet.

Here are new products from Apple is expected in 2019. And it is only those devices and firmwares which are available. Apple is exactly in store and unexpected announcements. Learn about them throughout the year!


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