The us military is working on the rifles of the new generation. New weapons will be a real “iPhone death”. This was stated by the representatives of the Army research and development center, U.S. army, headquarters of which is located at the Picatinny Arsenal in new Jersey.

Rifles will replace the popular M4. According to Colonel Elliott Caggins (Elliott Caggins), the developers of a rifle approach to the way Apple designs its gadgets.

He said: “Imagine that Steve jobs and his engineers trying to turn iPod touch into a 3G iPhone first. They had thousands of technologies that could be implemented in the first iPhone, but they first brought to mind the platform before she became a full-fledged system.”

Caggins noted that the features and capabilities will grow, “just like iPhone”. New rifles should be based on a high tech platform which can be used repeatedly to improve and update. It will be a system of fire control for better hitting the target, the processor to protect against cyber attacks and multilateral system rangefinders to calculate the wind speed and setting the position of the rifle. The system is also expected to increase the goals that integrate with helmet-mounted displays.

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