Moscow, October 10 — “to Lead. Economy”Company Check Point have discovered a combination of vulnerability, which is in danger tens of millions of iPhone. In order to make all the fixes that Apple will have to recall all affected devices and lose millions of dollars.

At the end of September the developer under the nickname axi0mX has released a new jailbreak that affects all iOS devices running on chips from A5 to A11. Such chips are included in all Apple devices released between 2011 and 2017, and covers eight generations of devices, from iPhone 4S to iPhone 8 and X.

The jailbreak uses a new exploit called Checkm8. He works with vulnerabilities in bootrom to give iPhone users full control over their device. Twitter axi0mX described the jailbreak Checkm8 as one of the most popular and effective tools for rooting.

Jailbreak allows cyber criminals to access the iPhone when the device is connected via USB cable. Therefore, any USB charger such as airports and hotels are unsafe. Hackers can find a person based on photos stored on iPhone the victim.

Now Apple devices are almost impossible to correct

So far, the hackers have been very difficult to exploit iOS, because the attackers almost never have such opportunities like code reviews, debugging, memory dump. That changed when a vulnerability was discovered in iPhone SQLite database. Experts of the company Check Point reported the vulnerabilities in August 2019.

The combination of SQLite and vulnerabilities that jailbreaking will open up the possibility for creating a complete operational environment with all features enabled. Jailbreak exploit found in the bootrom is a very rare error, which is almost impossible to put the patch, because the fix means replacing the physical processors in the device. In this case, Apple will have to recall all affected devices and lose millions of dollars.

Yaniv Balmas, head of cyber research at Check Point, commented: “In the long run I am sure that the jailbreak will bring a wave of new exploits and security bugs in Apple because hackers now can do much more.”

“This is definitely the biggest news in the field of iOS exploitation over the past decade. Jailbreak allows researchers, as a respectable and attackers alike, is free to explore iOS. I’m sure we’ll be talking about this for many years. Rumors about this went a very long time, and this feature is now available to all,” says Yaniv Balmas. Jailbreak threatens tens of millions of Apple devices.

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