Since the release of iOS 13 it did not take much time, and the network has already begun to discuss the next Apple mobile operating system. At the moment there are two main versions concerning iOS 14. According to one main feature of the future of iOS will be changed appearance, and on the other – a number of smaller innovations. The authors of the concept of iOS 14 “believe” in the second option.

In fact, the authors of the new concept iOS 14 did not invent anything fundamentally new. They simply assembled the various functions and features, which some users ask and dream for a long time.

This list got reduced to a “dialer” that doesn’t occupy the full screen incoming call, several modified keyboard, support for multiple accounts, the ability to run two apps on one screen, etc. was Also little changed standard icons and added feature Always on Display which displays important information on the screen is off.

It is difficult to say whether Apple will listen to such requests from users. The latter is already not the first year we want to see in iOS a more compact phone for calls. However, despite this, the cupertinos are in no hurry to change this element of the system.


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