Craftsmen known resource iFixit have disassembled the new compact iPad Mini, sales of which started not so long ago. Experts have found that the new Apple tablet difficult to repair — on a scale of remontoprigoden he scored just 2 points out of a possible 10.

Among the advantages there is a possibility to cover one Phillips screwdriver all the screws. Many components are modular and can be replaced independently from one another, but Lightning connector is soldered to the motherboard.

Of the minuses indicate the following. Battery replacement is still unnecessarily complicated. The abundance of adhesive hold many components and cables, complicating the repair. The removal of the home button is also difficult to keep the functionality of Touch ID requires a display replacement.

Apple has not updated the 7.9-inch compact tablet in 2015. Only in March 2017 were reduced the price to $ 399 for a model with 128 GB. iPad Mini 5 got advanced display, enhanced hardware platform and the stylus support Apple Pencil first generation.

According to the manufacturer, processor A12 Bionic provided a threefold increase performance and also increase the graphics power is nine times.

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