Effect of minimum shell thickness.

The latest 11 – and 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018 are the thinnest tablets Apple. The thickness of both models is only 5.9 mm. And because of this, the tablets are quite easy to bend, which in practice proved YouTube-blogger jerryrigeverything once that specializiruetsya on the evaluation of the strength and scratch resistance of various devices.

Jerryrigeverything once tested the new iPad Pro 2018 for scratch resistance, and fire bending. The body of the tablet is made of aluminum, which has high resistance to scratches. This does not mean that the case will gather scratches with the slightest contact with objects. But the iPad Pro 2018 owners who plan to use the tablet without a case, still should prepare for the appearance of visible scratches in the future.

The display iPad Pro 2018 perfectly passed the test of fire, and screens all the latest Apple mobile devices. During firing the display visible the trace of the burn, but after a few seconds, he completely disappeared.

And that’s where the tablet really “thin place” because it is the strength of the case. Bend iPad Pro 2018 in half was not easy. This is not surprising, because the thickness of the tablet body is only 5.9 mm and no special fortifications Apple engineers did not foresee.

However, for the iPad, this situation is nothing new. Last year the 10.5-inch iPad Pro with a thickness of 6.1 mm was folded in exactly the same way. In other words, talking about marriage is not, but the users of the new iPad Pro is careful to carry an expensive tablet in the bag.

Source: YouTube.


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