Authoritative Macotakara, which often publishes reliable information on the yet unannounced Apple devices, said that this year cupertinos may release iPad Pro with a triple main camera.

Reporters learned this information from the Chinese partners of Apple. According to the source, triple camera in the iPad Pro will be executed at approximately the same way that the iPhone 11: square platform, on which will be “collected” all three of the lens. While this camera is only in the top 12-inch version of the iPad Pro. 10 inch tablet only needs two lens.

It should be noted that the decision to equip the tablets with advanced cameras looks not too good. In most cases, users rarely take off on their iPad. Installing the tablet advanced cameras will have a negative impact on the final cost of the devices.

It is possible that additional cameras need an iPad Pro is not so much to improve the quality of the shot, but for some applications or services associated with augmented reality. However, learning about it can only be autumn.


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