Just a few days ago, Apple began selling its new tablet computers. While experts have not had time to disassemble the iPad Pro 2018, however, some design features of users have already found out. And this was done literally by experiment.

Almost immediately after the start of sales of iPad Pro one user of the popular forum Reddit using microencapsulated film that changes color under the influence of external magnetic field determined that in the case of Apple’s new tablet is about 90 small magnets. Some of them “holds” the cover and part of the Apple Pencil 2. In addition, magnets are used in speakers.

Another Reddit user went a step further and decided to learn how powerful magnets hidden in the iPad Pro. For this, he just tried to stick the tablet to the metal surface. After a series of tests it turned out that 11-inch version of the iPad Pro is quite able to hold its own weight. Tablet without problems can be placed on any metal surface, the only condition is that it was flat.

Some users have already started to say that this power is built-in magnets are somewhat redundant. Besides, there are fears that if put next to the iPad Pro clock or debit cards – this can negatively affect their work.


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