Presented a few days ago, the iPad Pro will appear on store shelves only in the middle of next week. But despite this, the model has been seen in the popular benchmark GeekBench. According to reports, the new iPad Pro in terms of performance ahead of not only competitors, but Apple’s previous generation tablets. And ahead of almost two times.

Recall that the basis of the iPad Pro with Face ID are superior OCTA-core processors Apple A12X. According to rumors, the new chips complements the 4 or 6 GB RAM (depending on model) and a new advanced graphics chip. As a result, in performance tests the new Apple’s tablets show very good results.

In GeekBench the new iPad Pro is marked as an iPad iPad 8.3 and 8.8. And in the second case in the test seen just two tablet with this marking. As for the results of the tests, in single-core mode 8.3 iPad with 4GB of RAM and iOS 12.1 987 gaining 4 points, and in multi-core – 17 928 points.

Results iPad is 8.8 even higher. One of the two models in single-core test is gaining 5020, 5030 and the second points, and in multi-core – 17 995 217 and 18 points, respectively. For comparison, the result of iPad Pro Apple chip A10X – about 9 300 points in the multicore test.


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